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The Aircraft Altimeter

The altimeter is one of the primary flight instruments and is used to measure vertical height. This post covers operating principles and altimeter design.
27 June 2023

Quiz: Lift And Drag Fundamentals

Test your knowledge of the principles of lift and drag with this short quiz.
13 June 2023

Quiz: Airspeed And Stall

These six questions will test your knowledge on airspeed and stall. How many can you answer correctly?
09 June 2023

Airport Metar Decoder

Access and decode the METAR at any issuing airport for the latest prevailing weather conditions. Search by airport name or ICAO code.
17 May 2023

Density Altitude Calculator

Use this tool to calculate the Pressure and Density Altitude from airfield elevation, the local QNH , the Outside Air Temperature and the Dew Point.
09 November 2023

The Airspeed Indicator

The airspeed indicator (ASI) is an instrument that makes use of the aircraft’s pitot-static system to provide the pilot with a reading of the aircraft's speed.
30 September 2022

The Aircraft Pitot Static System

This post details the pitot static system which provides pressure readings to the three pressure-based primary flight instruments: the airspeed indicator, the altimeter, and the vertical speed indicator.
28 September 2022

An Introduction To Aircraft Wheels And Tires

Aircraft wheels and tires are designed to support the full weight of that aircraft while on the ground, and the static and dynamic loads generated during taxi, take-off and landing.
17 May 2022

Aircraft Braking Systems

All modern aircraft are fitted with a braking system to assist in slowing and stopping when on the ground.
17 May 2022

Aircraft Landing Gear Design

The landing gear, or undercarriage, has two primary requirements: to support the aircraft while on the ground and to absorb the large landing loads.
17 May 2022
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