Airport METAR Decoder

Access and decode the METAR at any issuing airport for the latest prevailing weather conditions. Search by airport name or ICAO code.
Andrew Wood • 17 May 2023

A METAR (Meteorological Aerodrome Report) is an internationally standardized format for reporting weather conditions at airports and weather observation stations.

Access and decode METARs for any issuing airport, either by entering the airport's ICAO code or by using the search functionality.

A webcam image of the airport or its surroundings is shown if available (change the maximum search radius from the airport in the settings menu).

Airport four letter ICAO code e.g. KJFK

Limit images to within the radius above does not and cannot guarentee the accuracy of the data provided by the third parties listed above, nor the accuracy of the results accessed on this webpage. The METAR tool is for informational purposes only.