Standard Atmosphere Calculator

This standard atmosphere calculator is based on the 1976 model of the U.S. Standard Atmosphere 1976_Std_Atm_NASA-TM-X-74335.

Two input options are modeled, you can either provide:

  • altitude and ambient temperature
  • altitude and temperature offset (from Std. Atm.)

US Std. Atm. + Temp. Offset



Density Altitude:


Air Density:

Relative Density:

(SL ISA=1)

Sonic Speed:


Disclaimer (the simple version):

Every effort has been made to ensure that the calculations that form part of this tool are correct and accurate, It has been back-tested and validated against the NASA-TM-X-74335 report. HOWEVER, AeroToolbox cannot and does not guarantee that the results output from the calculator are correct. You should always double check the results – especially if you are using the results for engineering calculations. Finally, if you do discover any bugs in the calculations please send an email to and let me know so I can make the correction.

Disclaimer (the legal version):

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