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Quiz: Five Carb Icing Questions

Five questions to test how well you understand the phenomenon of carburetor icing. Can you score full marks?
24 August 2023

How Does An Aircraft Wing Produce Lift?

The question of how an airplane’s wing produces lift is one of the most frequently asked aeronautical questions and also one of the most poorly explained.
18 August 2023

The Layers And Composition Of Our Atmosphere

An introduction to the composition and physical properties of our atmosphere, and how this relates to aircraft performance.
28 July 2023

Carburetor Icing Probability Calculator

An interactive carburetor icing calculator designed to assist pilots in identifying the typical conditions where carburetor icing is most likely to occur.
27 July 2023

Newton's Laws And The Physics Of Flight

An introduction to the fundamental physical laws governing heaver-than-air flight, and how this translates to the motion of an aircraft in flight.
20 July 2023

Quiz: Five Altimeter Questions

Test your knowledge of the aircraft altimeter with this short quiz.
06 July 2023

The Aircraft Altimeter

The altimeter is one of the primary flight instruments and is used to measure vertical height. This post covers operating principles and altimeter design.
27 June 2023

Quiz: Lift And Drag Fundamentals

Test your knowledge of the principles of lift and drag with this short quiz.
13 June 2023

Quiz: Airspeed And Stall

These six questions will test your knowledge on airspeed and stall. How many can you answer correctly?
09 June 2023

Airport Metar Decoder

Access and decode the METAR at any issuing airport for the latest prevailing weather conditions. Search by airport name or ICAO code.
17 May 2023
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