Quiz: Five Altimeter Questions

Test your knowledge of the aircraft altimeter with this short quiz.
Andrew Wood | 06 July 2023

The humble altimeter is one of the most important instruments in the cockpit, ensuring aircraft remain vertically separated at all times. How well do you know its design, construction, and application?

1. An aircraft levels off after a rapid climb. The altimeter will:

2. The construction of a mechanical altimeter is such that:

3. An aircraft is parked on the airport apron at elevation 2700 ft. The airport QNH is 1020 hPa (30.12 inHg). The current pressure altitude is:

4. You're parked on the ground at an airfield with a published elevation of 175 ft. The current temperature is 23 °C. You adjust the altimeter until the instrument reads 0 ft. The value shown in the Kollsman window is:

5. You are at an airfield at 3000 ft elevation and temperature 30 °C. The reported QNH drops from 1030 hPa to 1015 hPa. The density altitude at the airfield: