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Airspeed Conversions (CAS/EAS/TAS/Mach)

An airspeed calculator designed to convert between indicated/calibrated airspeed and true air speed. Can also convert to Mach number and equivalent airspeed.
19 May 2022

The Airspeed Indicator

The airspeed indicator (ASI) is an instrument that makes use of the aircraft’s pitot-static system to provide the pilot with a reading of the aircraft's speed.
30 September 2022

The Aircraft Pitot Static System

This post details the pitot static system which provides pressure readings to the three pressure-based primary flight instruments: the airspeed indicator, the altimeter, and the vertical speed indicator.
28 September 2022

Quiz: Airspeed and Stall

These six questions will test your knowledge on airspeed and stall. How many can you answer correctly?
09 June 2023

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