Wing Area and Aspect Ratio

This is the third post in a series of fundamental aircraft design articles which aim to give you an introduction to aircraft design principles. In the previous post we examined the lift, drag, and pitching moment coefficient acting on an aerodynamic body caused by the resulting pressure and shear distribution. In this post we introduce wing design and show why it is a great place to start when designing a new airplane.

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Sweep Angle and Supersonic Flight

The concept of wing sweep was introduced in the previous post which discussed the concepts of Wing Area and Aspect Ratio and their importance in the design of a new aircraft. We’ll now spend some time looking at wing sweep and discuss how correctly applying a sweep angle to a wing is a necessity if you are designing an aircraft that operates anywhere near the transonic or supersonic region.

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Wing Plot Tool

The Wing Plot Tool allows you to sketch a wing planform by defining a valid combination of the critical wing geometric properties: Wing Area, Wing Span, Aspect Ratio, Taper Ratio, Root Chord, Tip Chord, and Sweep angle (quarter chord).

Use the sliders below to select or deselect geometric variables.
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