The Aircraft Electrical System – An Overview

The electrical system is essential to the proper functioning of any modern aircraft and is responsible for running everything from the lights and avionics, to the auxiliary fuel pump and engine starter motor.

In this three-part mini-series we will investigate the electrical system in more detail.
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Aircraft Electrical System Generation Theory

Welcome to part two in a three-part mini-series focusing on the aircraft electrical system. In the previous post we introduced the electrical system and discussed the layout and components that make up a typical light aircraft electrical system.

A conventional aircraft electrical system consists of a battery used primarily to power the system when the engine is not running, and an engine driven generator which provides a continuous source of electricity once the engine has started. The focus of this article is the engine driven generator/alternator.
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Aircraft Lead-Acid Batteries

This is the third and final post in a three-part mini-series on the aircraft electrical system. In the previous post we discussed the alternator which supplies electricity to the aircraft during engine operation. Now we turn out attention to the battery – specifically the lead-acid battery which is the most commonly installed battery among general aviation aircraft.

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