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Aircraft Electrical Generation Theory
Welcome to part two in a three-part mini-series focusing on the aircraft electrical system. In the previous post we introduced the electrical system and discussed
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Aircraft Lead-Acid Batteries
This is the third and final post in a three-part mini-series on the aircraft electrical system. In the previous post we discussed the alternator which
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Introduction to Aircraft Internal Combustion Engines
The internal combustion (IC) engine is the powerplant used on almost all light general aviation aircraft today. Electrical aircraft motors promise a new and cleaner
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The Four Stroke Engine Cycle
Most internal combustion engines work on one of two principles of operation: a two-stroke cycle or a four-stroke cycle. Four-stroke engines are the predominant type
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Aircraft Piston Engine Operation
In the previous post on the topic of piston aircraft engines we discussed the four-stroke cycle, digging into the details of what happens inside the
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Introduction to Aircraft Engine Systems
In a light aircraft, the power and torque generated by the engine while it is running is not only used to produce the thrust necessary
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Aircraft Magneto Ignition System
In a previous post we introduced the various engine systems found on a light airplane. We now focus our attention to the ignition system, and
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Aircraft Oil and Cooling Systems
Internal combustion engines must be adequately lubricated and cooled while running in order to provide safe operation and to function as the manufacturer intended. In
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The Aircraft Fuel System
An aircraft’s fuel system must be capable of providing a consistent delivery of fuel at the flow rate and pressure established by the manufacturer to
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The Aircraft Carburetor
The carburetor forms a part of the engine’s induction system and is responsible for bringing together and mixing the air and fuel. This mixture is
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